Novafast Grouts


Formulated Multi Ester Grouting System

Novafast Anchor Chem is a specially formulated grouting system.

The unique formulation allows the compound to be mixed to cope with agressive chemical attack such as, acids, alkalis, oils and some solvents. Novafast Anchor Chem provides optimum shrinkage compensation attributes and high early strength development.

Anchor-Chem can be used to support and protect bases where precision machinery with heavy static loads, along with highly stressed anchorage's such as, bridge supports, bedding plates, crane rail bedding, structural steel supports, equipment bases etc.

Typical Application

Anchor-Chem is recommended where resistance to weathering and chemical attack; acids, alkalis and solvents, to the substrate. Anchor-Chem excellent properties prevent potential damage to foundations of installed equipment and related support structures; even when exposed to day to day stressess in industrial environments.

The product is suitable for:
  • For sealing & supporting machine bases in factories
  • Suitable within bund containment areas
  • Centrifuges
  • Presses
  • Chemical Pumps

Due to its quick cure times, Novafast presents an economical and practical alternative for carrying out repairs in factories and industrial
plants during maintenance shutdowns


Colour (mixed) Grey
Chemical Type: Multi Ester
Viscosity (mixed): Flowable
Application temperature: 16ºC to -47ºC
Pot life: Flowable
Shear strenght: 19 MPa
Tensile strenght: 12 MPa

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Safety Data Sheet
Anchor-Chem Application

Chemical Resistance

Higher temperatures (up to 200ºC) and concentrations can be achieved; please consult Novafast for more details.

Listed below are some of the Chemical Anchor Chem is resistant to. For the full list, please refer to Novafast.
Reagent Concentration to 30ºC 30ºC to 60ºC
Chromic Acid 0-20% suitable suitable
Caustic Soda 0-100% suitable suitable
Citric Acid 0-100% suitable suitable
Ferric Chloride 0-25% suitable suitable
Hydrochloric Acid 0-25% suitable suitable
Lactic Acid 0-100% suitable suitable
Nicle Sulphate 0-100% suitable suitable
Phosphoric Acid 0-85% suitable suitable
Sugar 0-100% suitable doubtful
Tartaric Acid 0-100% suitable suitable
Vinegar 0-100% suitable suitable
Zinc Sulphate 0-100% suitable suitable
Zinc Nitrate 0-100% suitable suitable

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Quality Control

Quality Control

Beyond selecting elegible raw materials, Novafast products pass through high quality control and inspection...

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Australian Brand

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