Waterproof sealant

Clear-Seal 200™

Transparent Acrylic Sealant

Clear-Seal is a premium grade co-polymer acrylic sealer for deeply porous substrate. It is made from a blend of co-polymer resins and aromatic solvents.

Novafast Clear Seal produces a gloss finish, water repellent surface which protects and enhances the appearance of the concrete surface. The dry surface finish is equal to the same surface texture that the product is applied too.

Clear-Seal treatment significantly reduces absorption of the water and dirt into the substrate. Clear-Seal does not discolor or yellow under U.V. light and has excellent resistance to weathering.

Typical Application

  • Warehouse floors
  • Car park structures
  • Commercial floors and aggregate exposed floors
  • Prevention of moss growth & dirt retention on pavers, walls and roofs
  • Elimination of white salt spotting on concrete
  • All concrete surfaces

Novafast Clear-Seal eliminates oil and grease penetration and has good resistance to abrasive traffic. The product is easily applied and
can be recoated easily after long periods.


Appearance Clear Liquid
Coverage (dependent on porosity) 4.8 m²/L per coat
Viscosity 3-50Cps
Solids 22% +/-1%
Flash Point 26ºC
Tack Free60 minutes
Hard Dry 4-8 hours hard dry
Application Temperature 10ºC to 35ºC
Clear Seal 200 Apllication


Surfaces to be treated must be free of all traces of dirt and organic matter. Gaps and cracks must be repaired.

Salt encrustations must be cleaned using mild acid.


Broom, Brush, Lambswool roller or spray apply .

First Coat: May be diluted up to 50% with Novasol if required.
Apply the coating evenly at a rate of 1 litre per 4-8m2 with minimal

Final coat: Once the first coat has become tack free then apply
Undiluted Clear Seal 200 at a rate of 6-8m2. Do not flood.

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Quality Control

Quality Control

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Australian Brand

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