Highly Flexible Joint Bandage Membrane Sealer

NovaBond is a rubber membrane designed for use in areas where there are high movement joints. It is mixed and applied as a two part epoxy adhesive; Novabond EA.

NovaBond is designed and tested for maximum adhesion over multiple surfaces. NovaBond is a versitile product for use in multiple applications.

NovaBond has been found to be particulary successful in carparks and rooftop applications where there is constant movement and traffic. NovaBond has been used extensively in the following industries:

  • Chemical processing industry
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Mining & mineral extraction
  • Water treatment plants
  • Acid plants
  • Foundries & metal treatment
  • Meat & processing plants
  • Battery rooms
  • Chemical storage & tank farms
  • Hydrocarbon processing industry

Due to its quick cure times, Novafast presents an economical and practical alternative for carrying out repairs in factories and industrial plants during maintenance shutdowns.


Generic Type - 94% solids epoxy resin modified with blocked polyurethane resins & bitumen while cured with cycloaliphatic curing agents.

Flash Point - 35ºC (Hardener only); 48ºC (Mixed Resin).

Appearance - Standard Colours are Black, Concrete Grey or Aluminium. Surface texture varies from smooth to slip-resistant, according to amount of rubber filler used. Other aggregates may also be used in modifying the surface texture.

Weathering - Concrete Grey or Aluminium; excellent resistance to sunlight & UV, Black; may chalk slightly under strong UV exposure without detracting from it's water-proofing or flexibility attributes.

Durability - Excellent resistance to impact, abrsasion & chemical attack.

Physical Properties - Compressive stress to 50% strain (14 days); Resin Binder with rubber filler, 3MPa tensile strength (14 days); elongation at break 3MPa; Resin Binder > 100%; Binder with Rubber Filler > 40%.

Set and Cure Times - Pot-Life is approxiamately 45 minutes, depending on material temperature and quantity mixed. Sets to resist light foot traffic and incidental water in 5 to 6 hours, under standard conditions. It develops full physical and chemical cure after 14 days.

Novafast 1000 series Application


• All existing new joints should be inspected to ensure the edges are sound and free of porosity, form-work pulls, spacing materials, oils grease, etc. Only clean sound concrete surfaces are suitable for making repairs.

• Cracks or aged, deteriorated joints should be cleaned using appropriate tools such as routers, grinders etc. Saw cuts may be used to clean out & widen. All sides of joints & cracks must be freshly exsposed, sound & dry concrete free from entrained contaminants. Broken shoulders be similarly excavated until no more cracked or crumbling concrete is present.

• Clean out all debris, loose aggregate, dirt, dust, etc, by sweeping, vacuuming or blowing with dry compressed air.

• Continuous Membrane - Fresh or aged Concrete fresh concrete requires 28 days or until the moisture content has fallen below 4.5% (as measured using a resistivity instrument).

• Degrease to remove contaminants such as grease or oil. Prepare the surface by acid etching or by mechanical abrasive blast cleaning, high pressure water blasting, sanding, grinding or scrabbling.

• Aged concrete requires degreasing to remove all grease, oils, tile adhesives. bituminous materials or other foreign material. Sound surfaces may be prepared by acid etching.

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Quality Control

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