GRE Bore Casings and Tubing

NovaBore™ is manufactured through high-strength continuous composite filament winding. Our internal heating curing technique and computer controlled winding allows quality control throughout the duration of the production process. To maintain the highest quality, Novafast perform 100% hydrostatic pressure tests, thread parametric test and the short-time hydraulic failure pressure tests in accordance with API5HR & API15LR standards.

Corrosion Resistant

NovaBore™ GRE bore casing is corrosion free. There is no requirement for internal and external coatings, chemical inhibitors and or cathodic protection.

Lightweight - Easy to install

Weighing less than 20% standard carbon steel pipe, NovaBore™ GRE are lightweight and easy to install.

Reduced Costs

NovaBore™ smooth internal surface reduces friction loss and therefore
pumping costs.

Long service life and excellent corrosion resistance makes NovaBore™ GRE products an attractive alternative to carbon steel equivalents.


All joint types for Novabore have been adapted to a restrained joint system, which can bear both hoop load and axial load.

  Diameter (mm) Pressure Rating (MPa)
Round Thread Conection: DN 40~200mm 3.5~25
Trapezoidal Thread Connection: DN 250~300mm 3.5~10
Socket and Spigot Connection: DN 250~800mm 1.0~5.0
Key-Lock Connection: DN 300~600mm 1.0~5.0
Flange Connection: DN 40~800mm 1.0~25

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Accredited Standards

NovaBore™ is designed manufactured to:

Applications Areas

Extensive Range of Pipe Connections

All connections types for NovaBore™ piping systems have been adapted to be a restrained joint system, which can bear both hoop and axial load.

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Quality Control

Quality Control

Beyond selecting elegible raw materials, Novafast products pass through high quality control and inspection...

Australian Brand

Australian Brand

Novafast is an Australian company and totally commited to providing the highest standard of composite products...

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