Flexi-Aqua™ Seal

Polyurethane Joint Aqua Sealant

Flexi-Aqua Seal is designed as a two component, gun trade quick cure, construction grade jointing application. Flexi-Aqua Seal is capable of withstanding expansion and compression movement in submerged conditions.

Flexi-Aqua Seal System is recommended for use where the jointing is subjected to water and other fluids. It has been designed to resis to severe weathering conditions; rain, snow, sunlight, ultra violet radiation, ozone, atmospheric contamination (pollution) and chemical attack. With brilliant ability to sustain weathering, ensures it's original bonding qualities remain many years after application.

Flexi-Aqua Seal is recommended for use where adhesion to the substrate is paramount.

Flexi-Aqua Seal, excellent adhesion to most materialsand its ability to cope with day to day foot/vehicle traffic, demonstrate its flexibility in many diverse applications.

Flexi Aqua Seal's elongation properties and resistance to fungal attack, make it an ideal choice for saturated conditions.

  • Ideal for jointing in total immersion; sewage plants, water treatment plants and marine applications
  • Sealing construction, expansion, control and perimeter joints in car parks and factory floors
  • Sealing jointing of jetties/piers
  • Gaps between faced & cladding panels to a multitude of building materials (horizontal application)

Due to its quick cure times, Novafast presents an economical and pratical alternative for carrying out repairs in factories and industrial plants during maintenance shutdowns.


Appearance Semi-pourable thixotropic paste
Stain and Colour Changes None
Chemical Type Two component polyurethane
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Shore A Hardness 36 approx.
Tensile Strenght (Elongation Modulus)
103 N/cm²
Service Temperature -40Cº to 70 Cº
Application Temperature +5Cº to +35Cº
Tool Working Time Approx. 120 min. at 20ºC
Max. Joint Movement 25% (total 50%)
Max. Widht 50mm
Elongation Modulus at (100%) 131 N/cm²
Adhesion to Peel 126 N/cm²
Colour Grey
Full Cure 7 days at 25ºC
Chemical Resistance Resistance to dilute acids and alkalis and some solvents.


New concrete must be allowed to cure for 28 days or until it has reached a strenght of 20MPa and a bulk moisture contents less than 4.5%. A dense steel-trowel finish is preferred.

Do not use curing compounds or cement additives that may affect adhesion. Form release oils or tilt-build release agents used must be removed before proceeding.

Remove any oil, grease rubber, tyre marks, surface markings, sealants or other contaminants by thorough solvent degreasing. Aged concrete must be thoroughly inspected for surfacer deterioration and contamination. Badly eroded floors should be prepared by mechanical means such as abrasive blast cleaning, high pressure water blasting, scrabbling or scarifying to produce a sound fresh concrete surface, free from loose particles.

New surface must be acid-etched with a 10% solution of commercial muriatic (hydrochoric) acid, or mechanically cleaned to remove any laitence and provide an adequate surface profile.

Allow to dry thoroughly. Sweep off any loose particles.

Steel - Abrasive blast clean to A.S 1627 part 4 Class 2-2.5. In some cases scrabble or wire brush where applicable.

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Quality Control

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