Waterproof sealant


Transparent Sealant - Stop Water Dead

Hydro Stop is a low viscosity silane-axane system to penetrate deep porous substrates to form a bonded hydrophobic lining.

Hydro Stop is an invisible water repellent surface, allowing 100% transpiration while maintaining the texture and colour of the treated surface.

Hydro Stop treatment significantly reduces absorption of the water and waterborne salts, while allowing the substrate to breathe. Hydro-Stop solution does not produce any discoloration of the substrate and has excellent resistance to weathering.

Typical Application

  • External waterproofing of concrete, concrete blocks, besser blocks brickwork, stone, building facias, tilt up wall panels and external walls
  • Treatment of salt damp
  • Reduction of sand stone decay due to attack by salts and low pH precipitation
  • Prevention of moss growth & dirt retention on pavers, walls and roofs
  • Elimination of white salt spotting on brickwork

Hydro Stop adds surface strength and is an ideal waterproof base for other applications, eg., paint, tile and render. Hydro Stop is extremely resistant to abrasion, salt, soil acids and UV Light.


Appearance Clear Liquid
Coverage (dependent on porosity) 0.5 m² - 3m²
Viscosity 6-10Cps
Solids 6% active
Flash Point 65ºC
Tack Free60 minutes
Hard Dry 180 minutes
Application Temperature 5ºC to 35ºC


Surfaces to be treated must be free of all traces of dirt and organic matter. Gaps and cracks must be repaired.

Salt encrustations must be cleaned using mild acid.


Low-pressure spray, achieving total saturation with a
minimum of 2 coats, applied sequentially.

Lambswool applicator or roller.

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