Multi-Seal AR™

Acid Resistant Joint Sealant Fast Cure

Multi-Seal AR System is a hot-single pack bitumen based sealant for expansion and construction joints, for use with Novafast Flooring System. Multi-Seal AR has an outstanding resistance to acids (mineral and organic), fresh and salt water and most aqueous chemicals.

Multi-Seal AR is applied in solid form and melted at a temperature greater than 160ºC prior to installation. Multi-Seal rapidly resolidifies on cooling to form an effective barrier to penetration by most water-born chemical and solutions, including mineral and organic or food acids.

Multi-Seal AR can be quickly installed and therefore equally compatible with short maintenance schedules as the Multi-Ester System itself.

Multi-Seal AR is recommended as a joint sealant for use with Novafast Systems. It provides protection against acid or chemical attack. Multi-Seal AR is sufficiently flexible to accommodate minor joint movements, and should be used to seal joints; where more than 25% expansion or contraction occurs. Multi-Seal is not suitable for service where frequent exposure to strong solvents, oils or greases and or temperatures exceeding 90ºC.

  • Chemical storage and tank farms
  • Food & beverage industry
  • Mining & mineral extraction
  • Water treatment plants
  • Acid plants
  • Foundries & metal treatment
  • Meat & processing plants
  • Battery rooms
  • Chemical storage & tank farms
  • Hydrocarbon processing industry

Due to its quick cure times, Novafast provides an economical and practical alternative for carrying out repairs in factories and industrial plants during maintenance shutdowns.

Chemical Resistance Guide

Reagent Concentration to 30ºC 30º to 60º C
Hydrochloric Acid 0-25% suitable suitable
Sulphuric Acid 0-25% suitable suitable
Nitric Acid 0-10% suitable suitable
  >10% doubtful doubtful
Chromic Acid 0-100% doubtful doubtful
Lactic Acid 0-100% suitable suitable
Citric Acid 0-100% suitable suitable
Tartaric Acid 0-100% suitable suitable
Malic Acid 0-100% suitable doubtful
Vinegar 0-100% suitable suitable
Ferric Chloride 0-25% suitable suitable
  >25% doubtful doubtful
Caustic Soda 0-100% suitable suitable
Sugar 0-100% suitable doubtful
Multoi Seal AR Application


The joint must be free from all foreign material, including caananite or styrofoam spacers, old jointing materials, dirt, dust, greases or oils or greases, contaminating chemicals and deteriorated concrete,to at least the full depth of the Multi-Seal AR joint.

For new concrete floors, prepare the edges of the joint by use of an
appropriate grinding disc, to produce a clean, roughened surface.

In old, or heavily contaminating concrete floors, it may be necessaryto produce a clean, strong edge to the joint by making a saw cut oneach side. Thoroughly blow out the joint when cutting is complete.Ensure the surface is dry before proceeding.Pack the bottom of the joint to the required depth with a suitablebacking material, capable of withstanding the temperature of themolten Multi-Seal AR.

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