Novafast 2000 Series

Novafast E2000 Series

Epoxy Flooring

Novafast E2000 is a liquid epoxy resin designed to be blended with an aggregate to produce an epoxy mortar. Product is available in both troweling and set levelling forms. Novafast E2000 provides excellent chemical resistance and compressive strength.

Novafast E2000 is designed to be blended with both natural or coloured quartz aggregate. For troweling the aggregate should be a blend of 60% (1mm), 40% (400-600 microns). A coarse aggregate may be added for use as a sub fill. For self-levelling, an equal mixture by volume of Novafast 1000 and powdered quartz sand is used

Novafast E2000 Series is suitable for and widely used in the following industries:
  • Fish, meat and poultry retailing
  • Abattoirs, butcher shops and small goods manufacturers
  • Dairy and fat products processing
  • Commercial kitchens and bars
  • Beverage manufacturers, breweries and wineries
  • Chemical plant manufacturing floors, battery rooms and bunds

Due to quick curing times, Novafast provides an economical and practical alternative for repairs in factories and industrial plants during maintenance shutdowns.


Mix Ratio - Liquids: 2:1
Cure Time (20ºC) 24 hours
Pot Life ( 20ºC): 40 minutes
Compreesive Strenght: 65 Mpa
Tensile Strenght: 25 MPa
Specific Gravity: 2.0

Novafast E2000 is resistant to spillage of cleaning agents, caustic solutions, oils and dilute acids. For improved resistance to hot fats and strong solvents a seal coat of Novafast 2000 is recommended.

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Novafast 2000 series Application

Novafast 2000 series Application


Surface Preparation: Existing surface is cleaned, free of fats, oils and contaminants. Fats need to be removed by using an alkaline detergent wash. This is followed by an acid wash and light water blast.

Priming and Sub Fill: The working area is primed with Novafast E2000, being diluted 3:1 with methylated spirit and applied at the rate of 5-7 sqm per litre. Large holes and variations in floor levels need to be corrected using a sub fill prior to coating. For sub fill, a sand to epoxy ratio of 10:1 can be used. Larger aggregate may also be used.

Mortar Topping: Epoxy resin and hardner are mixed. Aggregate is then added to the mix and blended throroughly. The mixed material (generally 20 kg batches ) is applied to the floor using a screed bar to control topping thickness. The surface is finished by hand troweling, non skid is then cast onto the surface.

Seal Coat: Novafast E2000 resin is then coloured as per specification, is cured to the mortar topping at a rate of 3-4 sqm per litre where areas are subject to organic acid attack.

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Quality Control

Quality Control

Beyond selecting elegible raw materials, Novafast products pass through high quality control and inspection...

Australian Brand

Australian Brand

Novafast is an Australian company and totally commited to providing the highest standard of composite products...

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