Waterproof sealant


Universal Water Proofing Membrane

Novaliner is designed as a continuous, flexible joint sealant and or water-proofing membrane for use on concrete, steel, asbestos, PVC and similar materials. Novaliner can be applied to damp and porous surfaces with excellent adhesion. It can be used to seal cracks, expansion and/or construction joints and floors. It is ideal when used to provide continuous barrier over exposed or buried concrete surfaces. Novaliner forms a monolothic surface layer capable of bridging hairline cracks in the concrete below, while providing protection against moisture.

Novaliner is a one-pack bitumen modified, self priming application mixed with synthetic rubber liquid membrane. It has excellent tolerance to compressive and tensile stresses with excellent elongation characteristics.

Typical Application

Novaliner has been developed for the construction industry where exposure to the public during construction or renovations may occur. Novaliner is non-staining, low odour and can be cleaned in water.

It is ideal for:
  • Box gutters
  • Basement and retaining walls
  • Water features
  • Sill & window flashing
  • Planter boxes and landscaping areas
  • Precast concrete and tilt-up panels
  • Wet areas and jointing

Due to its quick cure times, Novaliner presents an economical and practical alternative for carrying out repairs in factories and industrial
plants during maintenance shutdowns.


Appearance Soft, thixotropic paste
Accelerated Weathering (ASTM D822.A) No Defects Dry (Dust Free: wet at 25%)
Adhesion (porous surface) Very Good
Solids 55%
Elongation 500%
Tensile Strenght (AS1526): 300KPa
Permeability 3gm/mm/m - 24hs
SG 1.0 - 1.05
Colour Black or Grey
Water Based Paints Recommended for colouring surface
Solvent Paints Not recommended


All existing surfaces including joints should be inspected to ensure the edges are sound and free of porosity, form-work pulls, spacing materials, oils grease, etc. May be applied to dampsurfaces, however there must be no free water present during application for repair or new surfaces. Cracks or aged, deteriorated surfaces should be cleaned using appropriate tools such as routers, grinders, etc. Saw cuts may be used to clean out and widen. All sides of joints and cracks must be freshly exposed, sound concrete free from entrained contaminants. Broken shoulders be similarly excavated until no more cracked or crumbling concrete is present. Clean out all debris, loose aggregate, dirt, dust, etc, by sweeping, vacuuming or blowing with dry compressed air.

Safety Precautions

When preparing for use of Novaliner it is advisable to protect skin and eyes from splashing by wearing gloves and adequate eye protection respectively. Should contact with skin occur washimmediately with water - dried material should be removed withwaterless cleaners, or mild solvent.

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