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Novafast System consists of a primer and an unsaturated epoxy ester resin based material. When catalyzed with organic peroxide used by itself, provides a high build coating for corrosion protection.

Novafast is suitable for use as a protective and structural coating as is or as a laminating resin for glass fibre, and as a flooring compound where aggressive chemicals are present. The productcan be used over concrete / steel and many other surfaces. It is a versatile material providing protection against corrosion over a wide range of environments including severe chemical exposure.

Typical Application

  • Power Stations
  • Petrochemical and Oil Process Pipes
  • Chemical Process Pipes
  • Waste Water Pipes
  • Desalination Process Pipes
  • Water Pipelines


Appearance Clear resin
Colour: To suit
Chemical Type: Multi-Ester Epoxy
UV Exposure: Contains UV Inhibitors
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Full Cure: Within 1 hour

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Novawrap application

Novawrap application


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Quality Control

Quality Control

Beyond selecting elegible raw materials, Novafast products pass through high quality control and inspection...

Australian Brand

Australian Brand

Novafast is an Australian company and totally commited to providing the highest standard of composite products...

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