Production Process

Novafast pipes are made by high-strength continuous fibreglass filament winding process, with exclusively self-retained manufacturing techniques. Our self-developed internal heating curing technique and computer controlled winding allows quality control during the whole course of production. We are always pursuing new techniques to improve our products, with continuous innovation as a focus to providing the best solutions for the market.

Quality Control

Selection and Inspection of raw material

Before selecting raw materials, we make an overall evaluation for production, checking through our quality control systems.

All material inspection standards are established according to the pipe quality requirements and each item is examined and inspection procedures are performed accordingly.

Pipe Winding

by Microcomputer Automatic Control

Pipe Curing

by PLC Automatic Control

Production Inspection

100% Product Appearance Inspection, 100% Hydrostatic Pressure Test, TG Test, Short-Time Hydraulic Failure Pressure Test, Thread Parametric Test, Certificate of Analysis and others.

More details about the tests

Testing Description
Composite materials testing Tensile, flexure, compression, shear, marine, survey packages.
Load Testing Static and dynamic load capacity for large scale structures, compression loading facilities.
Adhesives Lap shear, tensile, peel and bond testing.
Sandwich Panel Constructions Tensile, bending, density and impact resistance.
Neat Resin Testing Tensile, compression, flexural, water absorption, Barcol hardness.
Instrumentation and data acquisition Data acquisition capabilities including strain gaiging, load measurements for laboratory, in-house and on site measurements.
Material Characterisation Third party verified certification testing.
Customised Test Packages Specialised testing.
Fire Testing of Composite Products Estabilishing a composite material that can handle fire resistance of up to 1500ºC.
Novafast Composite Pipes

Composite Pipe Analysis
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Quality Control

Quality Control

Beyond selecting elegible raw materials, Novafast products pass through high quality control and inspection...

Australian Brand

Australian Brand

Novafast is an Australian company and totally commited to providing the highest standard of composite products...

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