Waterproof sealant


Gutter and Roof Water Proofing Membrane

Quick-Seal is designed as a continuous, repair and water-proofing membrane for use on guttering, roof panels, piping and air conditioning units. Quick-Seal may be used to seal cracks, holes and corroded areas providing a continuous barrier to prevent further damage due to exposure of weathering. 

Quick-Seal is a durable product which does not crack or breakdown when exposed to mild to extreme ultraviolet light. Quick-Seal can resist damage from exposure to direct sunlight, extreme cold and saturated conditions.

Typical Application

Quick-Seal prevents leaks or corrosion at the source without compromising the safety of staff, loss of production and costly damage to stock and equipment. Quick-Seal is applied without drilling or tampering with exsisting structures, ensuring compliance when in use with hazardous materials.

Quick-Seal can be applied to and is suitable for:

  • Asbestos repair, no drilling or tampering
  • Leaking Gutters
  • Can be applied to corroded steel
  • Fibre Cement
  • Airconditioning, Cooling Towers
  • Cracked Sheeting, applied in-situ
  • Broken Sheeting
  • PVC Pipe and fittings wrap
Due to its quick cure times, Quick-Seal presents an economical and practical alternative for carrying out repairs in factories and industrial plants during maintenance shutdowns.

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Quick Seal Apllication

Quick Seal Apllication

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