NovaFlo 1000 fire resistant rack

Innovative Pipe Systems & Composite Equipment for Critical Processes

Novafast is an Australian Manufacturer of GRP GRE GRVE Composite Pipes, tanks, vessels and materials to leading companies around the world.

With a strong focus on research and development, Novafast maintains its position at the forefront of meeting industry requirements for design, specifications and use with its unique leading-edge technology.

We work with asset owners, engineers and contract providers for composite supply and specifications. Our supply chain is accredited and exceeds industry standards for design and construction.


Novafast manufactures composite piping systems and composite process equipment for critical and harsh infrastructure where reliability and certainty are foremost. Our factories use filament winding technologies during the manufacturing process to create our extensive range of products. We can manufacture pipes from 25mm to 4000mm in diameter and are able to meet nearly all of the major industry standards.


Novafast offers a range of services from manufacturing and engineering, through to project management, site services and training. Our long history and operating experience allow us to offer customised solutions to meet our clients' needs.


We supply quality composite products and materials to a range of industries including Oil and Gas, Defence and Marine, Mining and Industrial, Water and Wastewater. Our reputation has come from exceeding our clients' expectations with a strong focus on research and development.


Using filament winding technologies, Novafast can manufacture pipes from 25mm to 4000mm in diameter. We are the only Australian GRE pipe manufacturer and the only company in Australia able to carry our testing on composite pipes to the newly appointed ISO14692:2017 standard.

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