Innovative Pipe Systems & Composite Equipment for Critical Processes

Novafast is an Australian company offering leading-edge technology in GRP, GRE, and GRVE composite pipes, tanks, vessels and materials to leading companies around the world.

With a strong focus on research and development, Novafast maintains its position at the forefront to meet industry requirements for design, specifications and use.

We work with asset owners, engineers and contract providers for composite supply and specifications. Our supply chain is accredited and exceeds industry standards for design and construction.


Oil & Gas

Novafast pipes provide a corrosive resistant and durable solution when environments and operations prove challenging. Composite pipes are an excellent choice when working with harsh chemicals.

Mining & Industrial

Composite piping utilises its ability to withstand high temperatures, loads and pressures combined with its chemical resistance make it the ideal choice for industrial uses.

Water & Wastewater

Water is one of the most precious resources, composite piping provides greater performance than other materials. Better performance reduces operating costs and the need for maintenance.

Defence & Marine

Demanding the highest quality, reliability, and safety, the Defence and Marine sector rely on composite materials. By continually improving and innovating Novafast can keep up with this constantly evolving industry.



Novafast can design and manufacture GRE, GRP, GRVE composite pipes and equipment capable of working in the most demanding conditions.


Novafast’s in house engineering team design specialised systems using data from stress, surge and chemical analysis designed to comply with ISO14692 and other major standards.

Project Management

Offering full turnkey project management, Novafast can ensure your project is completed on time and budget. We believe in safety first and do not compromise on quality.


Novafast is able to provide full-field services. Whether it be overseeing installations, performing tests and maintenance or even on-site training Novafast can help at any stage of a project.