Novafast 1000 Series manufacturing facility


Manufacturing Process

Novafast is a leading manufacturer of composite piping systems and composite process equipment for critical and harsh infrastructure where reliability and certainty are foremost. Our factories use filament winding technologies during the manufacturing process to create our extensive range of different products.


Novafast has the capacity to manufacture in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. All Novafast facilities are ISO 9001 compliant and all products that are manufactured are put through a quality endorsement program to ensure standard compliance and client peace of mind. 


Novafast can manufacture pipes from 25mm to 4000mm in diameter and are able to meet nearly all of the major industry standards including; API 15HR, API 15LR, ISO 14692:2017, Shell DEP, BS7159, ASME RTP-1, EN13121, ASTM D5627, ASTM D3517, and AS3571.

Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
Novafast Glass fibre reinforced GRP piping
Glass-Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE)​
Novafast Glass-fibre reinforced epoxy piping process manufacturing
Continuous Filament Super Winding
Novafast Continuous Winding Process mandrel manufacturing
Helical Winding Process
The Novafast helical pipe winding process manufacturing