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NovaFlo 1000 Series Piping Mining
NovaFlo 1000 Series piping

The mining and heavy industrial sectors have been revolutionary in the use and development of composite piping systems. This is due to the corrosive nature and aggressive environments typically associated with the mining process. With a reputation of Australia’s leading pipe supplier in this sector, Novafast has over 30 Years of operating data in some of the most aggressive environments.

Novafast Piping Systems Can be used for the following application in the Mining and Industrial Sector;

  • Weak Acid Pipelines
  • Strong Acid Pipelines
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Caustic Pipelines
  • Ammonia Processing Facilities and Liquor Pipelines
  • Acid Stacks
  • Large Diameter Cooling Water and Seawater Cooling Pipelines
  • Borefield Pipelines
  • Downhole De-watering Bores and Mine Ventilation Shafts
  • In-Plant Process Pipelines.
  • Various Chemical Process Pipelines
  • Slurry Pipeline and Abrasive Services.

Most Suitable Products;

  1. NovaFlo 1000AR
  2. NovaFlo 1000FR
  3. NovaFlo 2000M
  4. NovaBore
  5. NovaFlo 2500N

Novafast can provide piping with numerous different internal finishes to cater to aggressive chemical service, abrasion or even high temperatures. Novafast can help provide you with a tailored solution to your specification for the most aggressive of conditions where steel systems simply will not last. Novafast works with Basetec Services to meet client’s requirements.