NovaFlo 2500

Novafast 2500N linepipe


Novafast 2500 site construction 2500N

NovaFlo 2500 GRE pipe is made by the high-strength continuous fibreglass filament winding process, with exclusively self-retained manufacturing techniques. Our self-developed internal heating curing technique and computer-controlled winding allow quality control during the whole course of the production. We are always diligent in pursuing new techniques to improve our products keeping continuous innovation a key focus, to becoming a market leader in this industry.

To ensure standardized and stable performance, tests such as the 100% hydrostatic pressure test and the short-time hydraulic failure pressure test are conducted in accordance with API15HR & API15LR.


  • High Strength
  • Self Retained
  • API15HR Compliance
  • API15LR Compliance
  • CSG to LNG Industrial Applications
  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • On-site Process Pipeline
  • High, Middle and Low Pressure Liquid Pipelines
  • Brine Delivery
  • Desalination
  • Water Supply & Drainage
  • Seawater Cooling Pipeline