Novawrap applied to fiberglass pipe


Novawrap being applied during repair to composite pipe
Novawrap pipe GRP pipe repair

NovaWrap™ is a multipurpose high-pressure composite repair system designed for protection, repair and remediation of pressure equipment and structures.

Typical NovaWrap™ kits contain all the materials required for the completion of a job. Surface primer, corrosion barrier, Novafast® resins, fibre-glass reinforcement and instructions are all provided in the kit. Job-specific instructions to suit the required strength and pressures are provided and Novafast can work with clients to ensure the correct specification parameters are met for their requirements.

NovaWrap™ repair system has successfully been used to join or repair steel, concrete, and PVC. The materials used in our NovaWrap™ system are manufactured in accordance with ASTM 368, ASTM D 790, ASTM D 648 and ASTM D2370 standards. The Novawrap™ system is also tested in accordance with ISO:24817.

Novafast must be contacted for details around qualifications and limits.

  • Joins Steel
  • Joins Concrete
  • Joins PVC
  • Power Stations
  • Petrochemical and Oil Process Pipes
  • Chemical Process Pipes
  • Waste Water Pipes
  • Desalination Process Pipes
  • Water Pipelines