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The Oil and Gas Sector is renowned for its development and stringent requirements when it comes to implementing composite piping systems. Novafast is the only Australian company that can meet these requirements with demonstrated compliance of ISO14692.

Novafast Piping systems can be used for the following applications in the Oil and Gas Sector;

  • Flow Lines and Gathering Lines
  • Fire-Water Systems
  • Process Piping for Utility Water, Potable Water, and Cooling Water
  • Offshore Platforms to IMO Level 3 Fire Resistance
  • Crude Oil Pipelines
  • Hydrocarbon Transfer Lines
  • Downhole Casings and Tubings

Most Suitable Products;

  1. NovaFlo 2000M
  2. NovaFlo 2500N (Line Pipe and Gathering Lines)
  3. NovaFlo 2500M (Line Pipe and Gathering Lines)
  4. NovaFlo 1000 FRC

Novafast can provide piping in Fire Resistant and conductive variants to ensure the suitability of use in hazardous environments. NovaFlo piping systems can be statically controlled with the use of earthing points similar to that of steel systems to ensure the static charge is eliminated in the process.