Novafast defence force piping


Novafast Glass fibre reinforced GRP piping

NovaFlo 500

NovaFlo™ 500 is a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) used mainly for water and wastewater piping systems.

Recommended use in irrigation, seawater handling, desalination and sewerage treatment.

Novaflo 1000AR Acid Resistant Composite Piping

NovaFlo 1000 AR (Acid Resistant)

NovaFlo™ 1000 AR is a Glass-fibre Reinforced Vinylester Epoxy (GRVE) with added Acid Resistance (AR) for use in harsh chemical environments.

Recommended use in sulphuric acid, weak acid and effluent systems.

Novafast Fire Resistant piping

NovaFlo 1000 FR (Fire Resistant)

NovaFlo™ 1000 FR is a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Vinylester Epoxy (GRVE) with added Fire Resistance (FR) for environments with high temperatures and possible flames.

Recommended use in the Oil & Gas sectors.

Novaflo 2000M piping

NovaFlo 2000M

NovaFlo™ 2000M is a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) for use in medium to severe corrosive environments.

Recommended use in firewater systems, crude oil pipelines, offshore platforms and cooling water systems.

NovaFlo 2000 Pipe stored in factory

NovaFlo 2500

NovaFlo™ 2500 is Glass-Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe and can handle a range of corrosive conditions.

Recommended use in oil & gas, brine delivery, desalination, seawater pipelines and wastewater systems.

NovaFlo 2000M GRE piping


NovaBore is a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRP) or Fibreglass Reinforced Epoxy (FRE) high-pressure bore casing system. The downhole bore casing was specially developed and is suitable for use with water, gas and oil.

NovaWrap pipe restoration


NovaWrap™ is a multifunctional repair and coating system developed to protect, repair and remediate pressure equipment and structures.

NovaWrap™ can be used to repair and join steel, concrete, and PVC.

Novabond Part B


NovaBond™ is an epoxy-based GRE bonding adhesive developed to provide high strength, high pressure joins within GRE tapered piping systems.

NovaBond™ provides excellent join properties and chemical resistance for a wide range of applications.

Novafast 1000 Resin drum

Novafast 1000 Resin

Novafast™ 1000 Resin is an epoxy vinylester resin with excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Novafast™ 1000 Resin is suitable for elevated temperatures and will protect against corrosion in various applications and chemical exposures.

Novafast 2000 Resin drums

Novafast 2000 Resin

Novafast™ 2000 Resin is an epoxy resin which has excellent impact properties chemical resistance.

Novafast™ 2000 is suitable for elevated temperatures and will protect against corrosion in various applications and chemical exposures.