Research & Development

Novafast Fire Resistant piping


Novafast research and development facilities

Research and Development are what sets Novafast apart from the rest. Novafast is the only Australian GRE pipe manufacturer and the only company in Australia able to carry out testing on composite pipes to the newly appointed ISO14692 :2017 standard.

Novafast invests significantly on an annual basis to further understand and develop their knowledge on composite piping systems. Our extensive laboratory facilities enable us to carry out destructive, long-term fatigue, fire and many other forms of test.

Over the years, Novafast, with Dennis Southam & Associates, have collected data from operating pipelines along with data from newly built products to understand how composite pipelines behave and the reliability associated with it. From the collation of this data, we are then able to put this back through our laboratory to develop, enhance and create new products keeping Novafast at the forefront of the industry.