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Novafast oil and gas rig construction

Oil & Gas

Due to the aggressive chemicals derived from oil, gas and mining extraction/refining processes, the non-corrosive characteristics of composite piping provide huge benefits when used. Composite materials can cater to a wide range of applications and withstand aggressive environments consisting of pressures, temperatures and mediums.

Novafast industrial services routine maintenance

Mining & Industrial

Novafast piping can be used in countless manufacturing applications. Products are suitable for a variety of uses and are commonly used in dredging, mining, refineries, cooling water systems and process automation. Novafast can cater to the client’s needs by delivering high-quality products for unique circumstances.

Novafast composite piping system for water sector

Water & Wastewater

The demand for infrastructure to support the world’s increase in population enforces a means for sustainable and effective transport, storage and treatment of water. As one of a precious life source Novafast piping provides long-lasting and reliable solutions across the water industry without compromising the integrity of the water. Working along with side utility authorities, infrastructure developers, desalination plants and other departments, Novafast already has a strong portfolio of work in the industry.

Novafast defence and marine navy ship

Defence & Marine

The Defence and Marine industries are becoming increasingly complex and demand materials of the highest quality standard to ensure efficiency, longevity, and most importantly, safety. Novafast helps our client in this sector to take advantage of the latest and most innovative engineering technologies, to advance in a constantly evolving industry.

Novafast products and materials meet the stringent quality standards required, as well as providing the versatility to be used in a wide variety of applications.