Engineer measuring pipe fitting


Novafast Engineers technical stress analysis drawing


With the ability to work from inception, Novafast can manage the design products for specific needs. An in house team of engineers produce specialised solutions for all environments. Involving Novafast early in the project ensures all aspects can be assessed while delivering a premium product, all while giving the client a single point of responsibility.

Novafast Project Management

Project Management

Novafast works with all parties, offering complete Project Management. From commissioning to completion, our management ensures your project is completed, on time, on budget and complies with the required standards and regulations.

Our engagement begins early and includes the review of technical information sent to manufactures and ends with the successful installation, commissioning and documentation of the project.

Novafast field services project review

Site Services

Using our refined Integrity Testing Program, Novafast can complete full condition assessments of existing composite equipment. Upon completion, our experienced team can provide clients with an estimated end of life, as well as recommendations on preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of site failures and costly downtimes.