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ISO14692 Composite Pipe Training

For end-users to get maximum operating benefits from their NovaFlo Piping Systems, the composite materials need to be installed correctly. It has been proven that most composite pipeline failures occur at the commissioning phase of a project. It is our mission to ensure this does not happen.

Novafast invites all pipe installers, supervisors, engineers and quality inspectors to enrol in our specialised courses. 

Each course has both a practical and theory component. The participant is then required to demonstrate their understanding of NovaFlo piping systems by completing a closed book examination. Upon completion of the nominated course, the participant is issued with a certificate in accordance with:

  • ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Pipe Jointer
  • ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Spool Builder A
  • ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Spool Builder B 
  • ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Pipe Fitter
  • ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Supervisor 
  • ISO 14692-4 Annexure C.1 Inspector 
  • RIICRC208D Lay Pipes

Our courses are the first of their kind, as we simulate live worksites with in-field experiences. We also offer the flexibility to conduct the course on-site for a nominated project.

Knowing that the construction industry is the most challenging and potentially dangerous of industries, we believe in educating the workforce before they undertake the job.

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