NovaBond Adhesive

Novabond Part A & Part B


Novabond Part B

NovaBond™ is an epoxy-based GRE bonding adhesive. It has been developed to provide high strength, high pressure joins in GRE tapered bonded piping systems. NovaBond™ is the recommended adhesive for the NovaFlo 2000™ pipe series.

Conductive and non-conductive variants are available for conductive and non-conductive piping systems. NovaBond™ is easily mixed and applied and offers adequate working time and excellent curing properties.

NovaBond™ has been developed to provide excellent join properties and suitable chemical resistance for various applications. For further information regarding chemical resistance please contact Novafast®. Adhesive mechanical properties are available below.

  • High strength
  • High Pressure
  • Conductive or Non-Conductive
  • Easy Application
  • Excellent Curing Properties