NovaFlo 1000 FR

Novafast Fire Resistant piping


Novaflo 1000 Fire Resistant Pipe

NovaFlo™ 1000 FR Pipe is a Glass-fibre Reinforced Vinylester Epoxy (GRVE) Fire Resistant (FR) piping system developed by Novafast. Created by combining Novafast 1000 resin and high-quality glass-fibre roving using a specialised winding process, NovaFlo™ 1000 FR Pipe is specially developed for systems in harsh environments where the operating equipment’s reliability and safety are paramount. 

NovaFlo™ 1000 FR is typically applied for offshore platforms or onshore refineries where fire resistance is required due to the volatile nature of the fluids being conveyed or because the pipeline is used for fire fighting measures in a hazardous environment. NovaFlo™ 1000 FR also comes in a conductive variant to control static charge and allow earthing of the pipe system.

  • Fire Resistant
  • Long Service Life
  • Safe Connections
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant against Corrosion & Chemicals
  • Resistant of High Temperatures & Flames
  • Surge Pressure Absorption
  • Offshore Platform Piping 
  • Potable Water Piping 
  • Solvent Extraction Piping 
  • Sea Water 
  • Utility Piping
  • Firewater Piping