NovaBore™ truck transportation


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NovaBore™ 2000 is a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Epoxy (GRP) or Fiberglass Reinforced Epoxy (FRE) high-pressure bore casing system, constructed using Novafast® 2000 resin and high-quality glass fibre roving using filament winding technology.

NovaBore™ 2000 is developed primarily for mining and irrigation services. Other services include: gas, water and oil in medium to sever corrosive services.

Due to its long service life and superior corrosion resistance, NovaBore™ 2000 GRE is an excellent alternative to carbon steel equivalents.

  • Corrosive Resistant GRE/FRP
  • Fire Resistant and Conductivity available
  • Suitable for Temperatures Up to 93°C
  • Lightweight Casing
  • High External Collapse Pressures
  • High Axial Tensile Load Capabilities
  • High Hydrostatic Pressure Capabilities
  • Screened Casings
  • Quick and efficient installation
    • Dual Nylon Rod for Keylock with Dual O-ring Seal
    • Threaded
    • Short Lengths for Ease of Handling
  • Mine and Pit Dewatering
  • Monitoring Holes
  • Production Bores
  • Screened Bore Casings
  • Irrigation
  • High-Pressure Reinjection
  • Tertiary Recovery Injection
  • Medium-sever Corrosive Services